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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Let It All Hang Out

I’ve been convincing myself that I’m too busy to blog. But that’s not the reality of it. The reality is this.

My brain believes that I need to post about the tournaments I’ve gone to.

I don’t like the scores I got at those tournaments, so I don’t want to post about them.

Hence I find other things to do besides blog.

But today I’m just going to let it all hang out there. Yes I’m afraid people will tell me I’m not a good archer and that I should just give up. But since I’ve already decided not to do that, those sentiments can just roll off into the muck. So here goes.

My first outdoor FITA tournament ever was in March in Austin Texas at the Central Texas Shootoff Uno!  I traveled down with my coach and her husband and one of our team mates. We had a blast! Not only that, but the weather was beautiful, the field was gorgeous, and I learned a lot about how outdoor tournaments work.


The Field at Central Texas Shootoff Uno!

At this point I’d been shooting 70m for about 3 weeks. In previous posts there are some shots of what my practices leading up to this tournament were like.

I shoot with 28lb limbs. At this tournament they were even turned down a little. And yes, I still shoot feathers and uncut arrows. And my draw length is not 28 inches.

My best score at this tournament was…


Yup. 24.

I was just proud of myself for making it through a 72 arrow outdoor tournament! With good form (most of the time)


I even hit the target occasionally!


Elimimation Rounds. Coach Shoots With the Guys

We came home. Turned my bow up. Added weight and vibration dampener to the end of my bow. And instituted new form changes every week between this tournament and the Texas State Archery Association Lonestar Cup in April. Lots of changes. Not as much time for practice. Thank you, work.

Then it was April. And time for the Lonestar Cup. And this time I was all on my own. Coach was teaching a certification course. Teammate was being held prisoner by work. So I packed up the car as weathermen were predicting dire storms for Dallas and drove down to Bryan, Texas. 

I stopped first at the tournament field to get in a little unofficial practice. And I’m glad I did. Conditions were pretty different. For one thing, we were shooting in a cow pasture instead of on an athletic field. Do you know what cow pasture + lots of rain equals?


They had warned us. And instead of bringing my Converse I brought my trusty water repellant Columbia hiking boots. But I wasn’t expecting this much mud. Or the ankle deep standing water.


Archers Will Shoot in Just About Anything

Practice went well though. I’m still aiming off, very high. For this field I was using power lines in the background as my aim point.


But I Managed This!

And when I accomplished this blank bale feat I promptly wrapped up practice for the day!

Plus it was late and I needed to find my hotel. And food. I have no pictures of either because the food was McDonalds and the hotel is one I hope to never, ever, have to think about again. Ever.

I have no shots from day one. I was too busy shooting. But I got to shoot with some great people, like Stacey from my home range of TXAA, and Alex and his crew from the Competitive Archery Program in Austin.  The weather continued to threaten on both days of the tournament. Day 1 had a delayed start due to rain and lightening. Day 2 had threatening clouds and some pretty great wind gusts. But we persevered!


Lonestar Cup

Did I mention I was the only Senior Female Recurve there? Just me and the guys slinging arrows across the field and squelching our way through retrieves.


High Fashion. Shorts and Wellies or Cowboy Boots

Those brave enough to wear shorts were beset by bugs and high grass. I wore long yoga pants and was only beset by water leaching its way up to my knees.

Being the only girl in the adult recurve class did have some advantages though.


Let’s call it a medal for most improved. Or most intrepid. Or both. Because my score this time was…


That is a 99 point improvement. Which means progress!

I’ll take it!

I came home begging for lessons so I could improve more. And begging to switch from feathers to vanes. And a whole lot of other stuff. Which means changes are in the air between now and the Central Texas Shootoff in June!