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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Bad Scrunch! Bad!

I pulled the GoPro out yesterday and filmed my practice. After implementing a new shot timing and mental software program I felt I was making good progress. For a while. But the last week or so my shooting felt off and I was coming away with a sore neck. I needed to see what was happening to make my neck muscles sore.

Sure enough, my shoulders were scrunching upwards and my anchor was sliding forward. Why? I didn’t have the ability to get into true holding because of incorrect form, so the more I tried the higher my shoulders would go. In typical “try to hard” fashion I had incorporated that motion into muscle memory from doing it so much, so it became a very consistent motion. So consistent that on 2 different ends you could find the string sliding across my face at almost the same exact time on the videos.

I took that as an encouraging sign! It’s proof that I can be very consistent!

Today with the help of my wonderful, now Level 4, Coach, I’m on the road to getting it fixed.

When you watch the draw you can see an exaggerated downward motion in my draw now, and then coming into anchor. This keeps my draw arm relaxed and “long” and allows me the room to get into true holding instead of scrunching all up. I’m impressed with how straight my elbow stays! I still remember the days of it being kicked up very high and very in front of the arrow.

And here is the stretchy band practice to get this motion to replace the old one.

I used to be very bad about using my stretchy band to practice at home. But with this I can definitely see the need. So wish me luck in getting all the stretchy practice in! This has somewhat changed where I anchor, so I feel it’s really important to get some kind of practice in every night. Otherwise I’ll be all over the place for a long time.


Start Fresh

I was mildly chastised recently for not continuing my blogging about archery. And I decided that with a new year and 3 National competitions in my future for 2016 that I would go back to blogging about my archery journey.

So why did I stop?

Summer 2015 was rough. I was promoted in August, and for a full month did both my old job and my new job while management tried to find my replacement for my old seat. That was enormously stressful. Enormously.

Add on top of that the feeling for a while that I was utterly failing at archery and there was no way I was going to write about the tough stuff I was going through. Or the fact that I almost laid my bow down and walked away from it all. My coach and I made a form change that really didn’t work for me, but instead of accepting that it didn’t work I kept trying to force it to work. For months. I should have spoken up and I didn’t, because I didn’t have enough confidence in myself as an archer and an athlete. Add that to the stuff at work and I wound up in tears at the range one day.

I went to the Texas ShootOut and Olympic Team Trials in College Station at the first of September anyway. Surprise! I did not come in last. And it was quite a roller coaster ride of weather events. Then I took some time off. A couple of weeks. And then I went back to shooting but just on the weekends.

It took that stepping away, recalibrating, and then slowly easing back in to see that I want this more now than I ever did before. And that all the time is worth it. That my desire to become competitive has increased instead of decreased.

I’ll admit that 2016 is scary. My coach is about to have her baby. I’m afraid that I’ll probably lose her support for most of the year. So I’ll be left with coaching myself. I don’t feel qualified to coach myself. But I know I can do it. I may just have to reach out to new people for answers to questions.

Today I completed my registration for Indoor Nationals 2016 at Texas A&M in March. I’m also registered for the 2nd annual Texas Cup in Plano in January, and the Texas Winter Games in McKinney, also in January. Texas State Indoor tournament will be in February. I feel like all three of these will give me good feedback for preparing for Indoor Nationals.

This week I’ll be calibrating my clicker, and we came up with an ingenious way of getting a really good clicker set up with minimal guessing using video feedback. I’m looking forward to sharing that video with you all tomorrow! So if you’re on your own and have no one to watch you shoot for an hour or two to figure out where your clicker needs to sit, I have a solution for you!