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Planning My Competitive Year.

Planning My Competitive Year.

It’s the New Year! A lot of you are making resolutions, setting goals, and planning out your year. I typically skip making resolutions. They’re easily broken and easily forgotten, especially if there is no plan in place to make them a reality.

But I do plan out my goals for the year and my competition schedule for the whole year in advance. It can be difficult to choose which competitions to go to, and if you’re a working person, like me, with a family, like me, it is very important to be able to plan for competitions in advance. It helps with keeping track of time off work and arranging for child care.

It also helps with making sure your competition schedule fits with your archery goals. I think the goals are more important than the competitions, so I lay out my goals for each year first. My coach and I have a five year goal that I set last year, and that is to make the 2020 US Archery Olympic team.

This year I used a Passion Planner to map out my ultimate goal, making the US Olympic Team, and this year’s goals to help me reach that ultimate goal. Competition experience is part of reaching my ultimate goal, but I wanted to leave plenty of time for lessons and practice and changes between big National competitions. So I settled on doing three National competitions, Indoor Nationals, Outdoor Nationals, and the Texas Shootout. That gives me two relatively close to home and one competition that requires much more travel, which will help me get used to travelling longer distances and competing in varied environments.

I can’t say enough good things about the Passion Planner. It isn’t your normal weekly planner. Throughout the year it redirects you to your long term goal and asks “what are you doing this week to get closer to that goal?” Having a tool that keeps me focused and ties together my weekly plan, monthly goals, yearly goals, and ultimate goal is extremely helpful!

So! Last week I mapped out my national competition plans. Then I started planning state competitions. I know that I want to compete in the Texas State Indoor competition, and the Lone Star Cup and State Outdoor Championship. Dates aren’t available for all of those yet, so I just pencil them in on the months I think they will happen.

Then I plan local competitions around the three national and three state competitions, making sure that I’m using them as stepping stones or a gauge for my primary focus, the national competitions.

So that’s how I plan my archery year!


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