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APPtitune Takes the Mystery Out of Tuning

APPtitune Takes the Mystery Out of Tuning

Serious tuning, beyond just checking center shot, has been a pretty big mystery to me for the last year. Everybody seemed to know how to do it, except me. And while my state’s archery association provided some great information, it was still incomplete information. Especially when it came to stabilizers. I wanted a way to configure the best possible stabiliser configuration and I just couldn’t figure it out.

Months ago Stacy had recommended an app called APPtitune to me. But it cost $15.00, and I just wasn’t willing to shell out that much for an app at the time. But when I ran into stabiliser questions this week I revisited the app. I went to its website, realized it might have everything I was looking for and took the plunge. I am so glad I did!


Bow Tuning App on Apple and Android

Not only does it have in depth stabiliser weighting information all in one place, it walks you through step by step tuning almost every aspect of your bow. The only thing it didn’t really have was a really in-depth discussion on plunger tuning. But it does have a great way to start tuning your plunger without spending an entire day doing just that one  thing. And it’s simple enough that even I can follow the steps.

There are Pro Tips in each section written by Jake Kaminski, silver medalist at the 2012 London Olympics. And these tips are not just fluff. They are, I feel, really useful pieces of advice written for the beginner wanting to get more serious and the intermediate archer who may be on their own when trying to find their bow.

All the mystical “stuff” was de-mystified and made, if not easy, then at least easy enough to follow that I can work on tuning my bow myself. And I’m not getting information piecemeal. I can read about how each system will affect the bow’s performance and the arrow characteristics (stiff or weak), see how they are interconnected and know how to go back and forth between them while getting an ever finer tune.

If you have a great grasp of bow dynamics, you probably don’t need this app. But if you don’t, and your tired of trying to sift through the internet to find esoteric information like how to figure out the optimal weighting of your stabilizer system, then pay the money for this app. It’s worth it!


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