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Some Changes At The Archer is a Girl

Some big changes are coming to The Archer is a Girl.  The more I talk with people, the more I realize there is a gaping hole in information for archers, especially recurve archers, when it comes to books, gear, apps, and general training and coaching information.  When we decide to buy our next book or our next car, most of us tend to hit the internet these days and look for reviews and other people’s experiences with that item before we purchase it ourselves.

And yet, for a lot of archery gear, those reviews, especially trusted reviews, don’t exist.  Want to buy a book on archery to learn more about technique and form?  Which one do you buy and is the information in it any good?  What if you’re looking for your next riser, or plunger, or sight?  You can occasionally find reviews of the product on a website where you could purchase it, but you don’t find anything in depth, from someone whose used it and put it through its paces.  What about that cool scoring app you found on Google Play? Does it really work? Is it worth your time?

These are some of the frustrations I’ve run in to as I go to buy gear, or consider paying for an app.  And the more archers I talk with, the more I realize they experience the same frustration.  So I have decided that I will take on this challenge, that instead of bemoaning the lack of information I will provide that information for you guys as well as continuing to blog about my own archery journey.

What can you expect from the new The Archer is a Girl?  The first thing you can expect is a new layout.  Coming soon we’ll have a smoother interface design so that the front page features the most recent articles, but also categorizes them by type.  Looking for app reviews? They’ll all be in one place.

The next thing you can expect is fewer, but more in depth, posts.  Right now I have scheduled one app review, one gear review, and one book review per month.  I feel it’s all my schedule can handle.  On top of that you’ll still find opinion pieces on what’s going on in archery now or what’s going on in my own archery journey as well as tournament updates.

What if there’s a piece of gear you’re considering buying and want to find a review on?  Drop me a line and let me know.  If someone in my circle has that piece of gear, we’ll get a review for you as soon as possible.  If not, then I’ll move it to the top of my priority list to get my hands on it and review it for you.

I’m not a super professional archer.  While that’s my goal, I’m just one of you guys, in the trenches, trying to make decisions about gear as my skill level increases and my ability to perform at larger tournaments catches up with my desire to attend them.  You won’t be hearing any manufacturer approved press, as I’m not sponsored by anyone.  I am part of Team Fulcrum, but they’re a bow shop, not a manufacturer.  So I may tell you that you can buy a piece of gear from Fulcrum Archery! But I’ll never tell you to buy a piece of gear just because the manufacturer sponsors me.

So that’s what’s new and upcoming at The Girl is an Archer.  I hope you’ll find that it fits the need I see within our archery community.  And if it doesn’t, I hope you’ll tell me that, too.






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