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You’re probably wondering by now, who is thatgirlkestrel? Why does she put up videos of really bad archery? And why does she seem so opinionated about all of this?

Kestrel, shortened to Kes, has been my nickname for years. Call it out in a crowded room and I’ll respond to it probably faster than my given name. I shot my very first arrow in April of 2014. My youngest son had been interested in archery for years, and after we moved to Dallas I was looking for something relatively cheap we could all do together one weekend. I started looking for archery related stuff, not really sure what I was searching for, and found the Texas Archery Academy and their Discover Archery program. For less than it would cost to go to the movies, all 3 of us got some very basic archery instruction and had a great time shooting.

My youngest and I were the most enthralled. My oldest child soon opted out. But I kept going back. I couldn’t help myself.

For Mother’s Day 2014, The Man and the boys bought me my first bow. The Man encouraged me to take lessons, to pursue this as much as I wanted. To change coaches when I needed to. And since then there has been no going back. In November I switched from barebow recurve to Olympic Recurve, and I’m now practicing for Indoor and Outdoor competitions across Texas.

Its been almost a year since I picked up a bow, but I feel like my passion for this sport has just started, because it keeps growing so much. In March 2015 I became a Level 2 certified archery instructor through the USA Archery certification process. I look forward to learning more about the National Training System and discovering how to apply its basic premise of biomechanical efficiency to all disciplines within the sport of archery.


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