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Morning Workout 3.30.15

2×20 cat back / hollow back
2×20 hollow up
2×30 crunches
2×20 inclined push ups
2×20 “stability ball” crunches.

That’s it for this morning. Making some changes to the workout routine to help support my growth in archery and participation in outdoor FITA, so you’ll see more tiny posts like this one.


Morning Workout 3.25.15

Keep in mind that my morning workouts aren’t made to be extreme or one of those hour long workout sessions that leaves me “high”. They’re just a way to get in some targeted focus on areas where my body needs to be stronger.

2×30 crunches (legs lifted and held up)
2×20 toe tap planks
2×15 squats
2×15 tricep dips.

Morning Workout 3.23.15

2×30 crunches

2×25 riser lifts

2×20 riser squats

2×20 cat back / hollow back.

Soon I’ll have video examples up of each week’s morning routine 🙂